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Siding Repair $149

Damaged siding can be repaired for as little as $149. We have years of experience in repairing storm damaged siding. Let our team of experts give you a Free Estimate!

Quality siding is only as good as the quality of the installation

The Pros at Homes and Beyond never cut corners. We treat your home like it’s ours. Our siding, installation and repair crews, have years of experience serving customers on Long Island.

Fully Taped Insulation

To save time, other contractors cut corners and leave the seams on rigid insulation untaped. This leaves an air gap that can negatively affect the performance of the insulation. Poorly installed insulation can rob you of the performance you paid for. At Homes and Beyond we believe in the taking extra time to do install your siding right the first time.


Professional Installation

Have you ever seen siding and insulation blown off of a house in a bad storm? That’s because the siding was installed incorrectly. Most siding contractors take shortcuts and nail in the siding with as few nails as possible to save time. We meet or exceed the manufactures recommended installation requirements, so your house will look great in all weather, years to come.


Residential Vinyl Siding

Homes and Beyond uses only top quality vinyl siding products, properly installed by our own professional craftsman (We never use subcontractors). The siding that we install, is much thicker than our competitors. This ensures that your home will retain it’s good looks in the harshest of weather and won’t warp or buckle over time.

Vinyl siding is long lasting and virtually maintenance free. It comes in many architectural styles from traditional clapboard to shake, and in endless fade-resistant colors that never need painting. Vinyl siding offers the beautiful, natural look of wood siding without the maintenance of wood – it never needs sealing or caulking. Vinyl siding from Homes and Beyond, is impervious to rain, cold, salt, snow and insects. And vinyl won’t rot, peel, dent or show scratches.

Vinyl siding also out performs other cladding options, in terms of insinuative properties and weather proofing. Siding, when installed properly by Homes and Beyond, will provide years of watertight storm protection. Vinyl siding, is also one of the few improvements in your house that can offer a large payback on investment. We are so confident of our siding that we offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY that is transferable to a new owner should you sell your house.


Natural Cedar Siding

Genuine cedar siding is an enduring, natural siding option and an excellent aesthetic choice for Long Island’s coastal communities. The oils produced by the cedar tree, work as natural preservative agent, giving the wood a long-lasting resistance to insect and weather damage.

Cedar shingle siding is the top material choice to provide maximum value, curb appeal and personal enjoyment of your home. The richness of the grain and appearance of the natural texture adds greater detail and prestige to any architectural style.

Cedar wood has the qualities of being a very low density wood and having a very consistent grain structure. The low density of cedar shingles makes them an excellent insulator, keeping you warm in winter as well as cool in the summer – even when compared to brick or vinyl siding. The consistent grain structure of cedar ensures that the shingles will not warp or buckle over time, even in the harshest Long Island coastal climates, ensuring that you will enjoy your home’s premium appearance for decades to come.

The styling options of cedar shingles are practically endless. The shingle installation professionals from Homes and Beyond can bring any architectural style a premium appearance. From classic Victorian to modern ranch houses, cedar shingles, can greatly improve your home’s appearance. Cedar shingles are a well known as being the top choice of siding for accepting many different paint and finishing options. When these finishes are properly applied, the cedar shingles will keep their color and classic style year after year.

Homes and Beyond uses only the finest quality cedar shingles from the most reliable sources and installs them using our own shingle installers. We never use sub-contractors, so we can ensure that our high installation standards are met with every siding install.


Hardie Board Siding

Hardie Board is one the most durable siding options available. It is composed of cement fibers and it’s resistance to rot, insects, fire and weather is beyond compare. Hardie Board can be molded into a variety of shapes and textures – one of the most common is the wood grain finish, which is indistinguishable from the look and feel of real wood, but is long lasting with minimal maintenance. Hardie Board is much thicker than vinyl siding so the wood grain finish gives a much more natural appearance.

Hardie Board can be produced into shingles, vertical panels or more commonly, planks and is used in many architectural styles. It can be pre-painted or primed and it is easily receives any color paint or finish. Hardie Board siding is especially fitting for the coastal communities of Long Island due to it’s superior resistance to humidity and storm damage.

Maintenance of Hardie Board is much less than other siding materials. Since it is moisture resistant, it will retain a painted finish much longer then wood – so you can spend more time admiring your house than maintaining it.


*Gutters and leaders are free with whole house siding.

*Most standard mount blocks are free.